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   Home Styling​​

Let Cali Roots be your personal florist to compliment and accentuate the designs of your home.  Each design piece is living artwork that is uniquely tailored to bring your home to life.  Cali Roots also provides seasonal home design, so look no further when preparing to ring in the merriment to your holiday season!  


Need to bring some life to your lobby or conference room? How about a Cali Roots piece of living to spark ​conversation and brighten up your workspace. Cali Roots designs can be seen in local Los Angeles retail, gyms, medical offices, restaurants, and law offices. Let us design a custom arrangement for your place of business! 




Any size, any venue, any event, any occasion - Cali Roots knows how to add the perfect touch of elegance and style. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to customize our design features for every occasion. We know how to bring your vision to life and make your event special and beautiful.

Office Decor


Arches, candles, stands, pedestals, even a convertible 68 Firebird getaway car,  Cali Roots has got you covered! Pricing and availability varies.

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